This image, although part of previous project has been subjected to some Covid19 lockdown experimentation. This experimentation has given me an idea for another project, a project which I’ve given the working title of ‘Identity’.

What is identity? What does it mean to be yourself? What defines you?

As human beings, we examine our physical identity on a daily basis; checking our reflection in the mirror, a shop window or just by touching our own skin. We are also bound in our cultural identity; how we use expression, dress, and behave has been created by the culture that we have grown up in. Our personal identity is much harder to define, as it is made up of our own experiences and reactions to those experiences, like how we feel and think.

All of the things that make a person can be reflected in a photograph. Physicality, culture and personality can be shown if the right set up, staging and lighting are used correctly……. but what if you remove that identity once the image has been taken. Does this have any reflection upon a persons identity?

I will be exploring this project further throughout lockdown 3.0, for now it’s just an idea.


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